Cattle diets on semidesert grassland: botanical composition

TitleCattle diets on semidesert grassland: botanical composition
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1975
AuthorsRosiere R.E, Beck RF, Wallace J.D.
JournalJournal of Range Management
Date Published1975
Call Number00274
Keywordsarticle, articles, cattle grazing,diet, cattle, esophageal-fistulated, cattle,diet, diet,cattle, journal, journals
AbstractBotanical composition of cattle diets on semidesert rangeland was studied by microhistological techniques. Cattle consumed 56% of all species available.... Composition of diets changed with seasons.... Perennial grasses represented dependable sources of forage, but never comprised more than 50% of the steers' diets in any season.... Shrub portions were highest in spring when soaptree yucca was grazed almost exclusively. Forb fractions of diets varied little among seasons but were highest in winter.