Brush management as a rangeland conservation strategy: a critical evaluation

TitleBrush management as a rangeland conservation strategy: a critical evaluation
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsArcher SR, Davies K.W, Fulbright T.E, McDaniel K.C, Wilcox B.P., Predick K.I
Book TitleConservation benefits of rangeland practices: assessment, recommendations, and knowledge gaps
PublisherAllen Press
CityLawrence, KS
Accession NumberJRN00556
Keywordsbook, brush management, chapter, conservation, rangeland management, report

Rangelands support the majority of the world’s livestock production (Safriel and Adeel 2005) and play an important role in  human health and global carbon, water, and nitrogen cycles (Campbell and Stafford Smith 2000). Their extensive airsheds and watersheds provide habitat for game and nongame wildlife and myriad ecosystem goods and services important to rapidly  growing settlements and cities that may be geographically distant. Rangelands thus have considerable, multidimensional  conservation value. Stewardship of vegetation composition, cover, and production is the foundation of sustainable rangeland management, a key component of which is maintaining vegetation within a desirable mix of herbaceous and woody plants  (WPs).