Boundary dynamics in landscapes

TitleBoundary dynamics in landscapes
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsPeters DC, Gosz J.R, Collins S.L.
Book TitleThe Princeton Guide to Ecology
PublisherPrinceton University Press
CityPrinceton, NJ
ARIS Log Number213043
Keywordsbook, boundaries, chapter, landscapes, mosaic, vegetation
AbstractLandscapes consist of a mosaic of distinct vegetation types and their intervening boundaries with distinct characteristics. Boundaries can exist along abrupt environmental gradients or along gradual changes that are reinforced by feedback mechanisms between plants and soil properties. Boundaries can be defined based on the abundance, spatial distribution, and connectivity of the underlying patches. There are three major types of boundary dynamics that differ in the direction and rate of movement of the boundary in response to climatic fluctuations: stationary, directional, shifting. Future conditions in climate and the disturbance regime, including land use, may fundamentally alter the type of boundary as well as its location and composition through time.