Botanical composition of cattle diets on desert grassland range

TitleBotanical composition of cattle diets on desert grassland range
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1978
AuthorsRodriquez JGonzalez, Pieper, Rex D., G. Smith S
Date Published1978
InstitutionNew Mexico Agricultural Experiment Station
CityLas Cruces, New Mexico
ISBN NumberResearch Report 363
Call Number00511
Keywordsbook, books, cattle grazing, diet, cattle, diet, chapter, chapters, food habits, cattle, grassland, cattle diet, report, reports
AbstractThe objective of this study was to determine seasonal changes in dietary composition and selectivity of cattle grazing on desert grassland range.... Generally, cattle diets followed the same pattern as the available forage for the major dietary constituents. Therefore, herbage availability was an important factor influencing selectivity, although maturation and availability of "greener" plants were more important than total herbage available for any species.