Bonding of kids to heifers

TitleBonding of kids to heifers
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsTaylor, Jr. D.A., Garza, Jr. N.E., Anderson D.M., Hulet CV, Smith J.N, Shupe, W. Larry
Conference Name41st Annual Meeting, Society for Range Management
Date Published1988
AbstractCross-specific attachment formation (bonding) of Angora kids to growing heifers was measured under field conditions. For this study, a bonded kid was defined as one which showed cohesive tendencies to free-ranging heifers. Three treatment groups were represented by: (1) seven 52-day-old kids and three heifers, (2) seven 64-day-old kids and three heifers and (3) seven 94-day old kids and three heifers; the corresponding control groups were represented by (1) seven 52-day old kids, (2) seven 64-day old kids and (3) seven 94-day old kids, and (4) three heifers used to test all control kids. Each treatment group was maintained in rectangular (5M x 25M) pens for a total of 60 days to facilitate bonding. The control kids and heifers were penned separately for a total of 60 days. Early results indicate that kids 52 days old when penned with heifers for 30 days show cohesive tendencies and that the intensity of this cohesiveness varies among individuals. The interspecific association of kids to heifers did not appear to be individual specific.