Bonding to facilitate multispecies grazing

TitleBonding to facilitate multispecies grazing
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsHulet CV, Anderson D.M., Shupe, W. Larry, Smith J.N
Conference Name29th Annual Western Dakota Sheep Day, Hettinger Research and Extension Center, North Dakota State University, Agricultural Experiment Station
Date Published1988

Cattle, sheep and goat diets have been shown to be complementary for efficient range forage utilization. Multispecies grazing has therefore been recommended, but has generally remained unimplemented because of unacceptably high predation losses of sheep and goats. An account of the social attachment of a ram to horses the temporary attachment of individual wether sheep to steers and of guard dogs to sheep suggested that social bonding of sheep and goats to cattle might be possible. Cattle protect their calves from predators. If bonding would occur then the close association of sheep and goats to cattle might provide protection from predation by coyotes and dogs.