Blood composition of range beef cows

TitleBlood composition of range beef cows
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication1967
AuthorsNelson A.B., Herbel C.H.
Conference NameProceedings of the American Society of Animal Science, Western Section Meeting
Date Published1967
Keywordsblood composition, breed differences, herefore, Santa Gertrudis, seasonal differences
AbstractNormal levels of certain bovine blood constituents have been listed by many, including Dukes (1955), Gardner (1947) and Long et al. (1952). Several researchers have related blood composition to feed nutrients. Robinson (1966) relates a fall in hemoglobin, plasma protein and hematocrit levels to the dry-season weight losses. Howes et al. (1957) have compared blood composition of Brahman and British breeds of cattle. Seasonal variation in some blood constituents of Hereford cows has been reported by Stufflebeam et al. (1964). Blincoe and Brody (1951) reported slightly higher hematocrit and hemoglobin values for Brahman cows than for Jersey and Holstein cows. The purpose of this study was to determine the breed and seasonal differences in the level of certain blood constituents in Hereford and Santa Gertrudis cows in southern New Mexico.