A bibliography of important plant species in the Chihuahuan Desert of North America (1904-2002)

TitleA bibliography of important plant species in the Chihuahuan Desert of North America (1904-2002)
Publication TypeGovernment Report
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsHochstrasser T., Peters DC, Fehmi J.S., Von Finger K.
PublisherU.S. Corps of Engineers
Accession NumberJRN00348
ARIS Log Number144678
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Desert covers an area of 453,000 km2 in the United States and Mexico. Managers of military lands in the desert require a detailed understanding of installation natural resources. A comprehensive bibliography of current research and information on desert plants is needed. The objective of this work was to assemble as much published ecological information as possible about five dominant arid land species found in the North American Chihuahuan Desert. The species of focus were selected because of their importance in the desert grassland and shrubland communities of the desert. Chapter 2 contains selected references that significantly contribute to the understanding of arid land ecology but do not specifically speak about the species of interest. Chapter 3 contains reference information on Bouteloua eriopoda (black grama). Chapter 4 contains references on Pleuraphis mutica (=Hilaria mutica, tobosa). Chapter 5 contains Larrea tridentata (creosotebush). Chapter 6 contains Prosopis glandulosa (honey mesquite). Chapter 7 contains Flourensia cernua (tarbush). Furthermore, information gathered on an important subdominant half-shrub, Gutierrezia sarothrae (=Xanthocephalum sarothrae, broom snakeweed), is presented in Chapter 8. Chapter 9 contains reference information on the ecology of annual species.

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U.S. Corps of Engineers, Engineer Research and Development Center/Construction Engineering Research Laboratory