Assessment of the landscape aspects of conservation practices

TitleAssessment of the landscape aspects of conservation practices
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsWu B.X., Bestelmeyer BT, Brown J., Fuhlendorf S.
Conference Name62nd Society for Range Management Annual Meeting
Date PublishedFebruary 8, 2009
PublisherSociety for Range Management
Conference LocationAlb., NM
ARIS Log Number237916
Keywordsabstract, conservation practicies, landscape desing, spatial heterogeneity, SRM
AbstractWe review how landscape structure and processes have been considered in the design and assessment of conservation practices. We show how landscape concepts are essential to the success of rangeland conservation practices via theoretical considerations and empirical examples. The core concepts of scale, spatial heterogeneity and pattern are explored along with a set of case studies. A two-fold literature review is carried out. The first considers peer-reviewed literature examining applications of landscape concepts in conservation practices and their impacts. The second uses agency documents describing conservation practices and their policy outcomes at state and national levels. Critical knowledge gaps are identified and the mismatches between research and assessment needs are highlighted. Recommendations for the regional-scale landscape planning process and support tools building upon existing agency technology support systems are developed, as well as guidelines for consideration of landscape processes in field-scale applications. Needs and priorities for monitoring and research are identified to build better linkages between research and conservation practices and assessment.