Arid land seeder development

TitleArid land seeder development
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1983
AuthorsMcKenzie D.W., Herbel C.H.
Start Page267
Date PublishedDecember 1983

A major problem confronting range managers in arid and semiarid climates is the need to find new initiatives for improving rangeland. In the western and plains States, approximately 836 million acres are used primarily for livestock grazing and for wildlife habitat. Of this acreage, only 170 million acres are classified in good condition. The remaining acreage has been taken over by undesirable brush. Much of this rangeland can be improved, or converted from brush to desirable grass and forbs, through recent equipment development efforts. This can be accomplished by rootplowing or plowing with the Brush land Plow and then seeding with the Rangeland Drill. However, in the very arid areas of less than 11 inches of rainfall per year, conventional methods and equipment have not been economical or successful enough to justify or encourage their use.