Application of current livestock-range knowledge and emphasis needed for the future

TitleApplication of current livestock-range knowledge and emphasis needed for the future
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication1981
AuthorsAnderson D.M.
Conference NameU.S.-Australia Joint Workshop, Session V: Forage Evaluation: Concepts and Techniques
Date Published1981
Conference LocationArmidale, NSW, Australia
Keywordsapplication, livestock research, livestock-range knowledge, range research

In an attempt to document and evaluate the extent to which practices resulting from livestock and range research are being applied in the 17 Western states in the United States, 62 survey questionnaires were mailed during July, 1980, to extension specialists in livestock and range sciences. The questionnaire also contained a section in which the respondents were asked to indicate on specific questions whether information was available, unavailable or of limited interest. The limited number of responses made formal statistical inferences impossible. However, two trends were revealed: (1) accurate and precise information either does not exist or is not readily available on the extent to which specific practices in livestock and range sciences are being applied, and (2) extension specialists in the livestock and range sciences differ in their opinion on what topics require further research. A statistically analyzable questionnaire returned from an adequately sized, random sample of research, extension and producer personnel is needed if we are to determine the extent to which research information is being applied and to indicate the emphasis for future research.