Ant communities of southeastern longleaf pine plantations

TitleAnt communities of southeastern longleaf pine plantations
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1981
AuthorsWhitford WG, Gentry J.B
JournalEnvironmental Entomology
Date Published1981
Call Number00377
Keywordsant community, longleaf pine, article, articles, journal, journals, longleaf pine, ant communities

The ant community in a recent replant longleaf pine plantation on the Savannah River Plant, S.C. had the greatest species diversity and richness when compared to mature, thinned and burned pine plantations. Four species of ants dominated all pine plantations: Crematogaster lineolata (Say), Aphaenogaster traetae Forel, Aphaenogaster fulva Roger and Conomyrma insana Roger. There is an apparent relationship between the channelization of stumps, snags and dead logs by termites and densities of Crematogaster spp. Recent burning of pine straw had no measurable effect on the dominant tree bole/stump nesting species.