Ancient soils of the Rincon surface, northern Dona Ana County

TitleAncient soils of the Rincon surface, northern Dona Ana County
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsGile L.H, Grossman R., Hawley J., H. Monger C
Series EditorGile L.H, Ahrens R.J eds.
Date Published1996
InstitutionUSDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
CityNational Soil Survey Center, Lincoln, NE
ISBN NumberSoil Survey Investigations Report #44
Accession NumberJRN00201
Call Number00835
Keywordsbook, books, chapter, chapters, landscape, evolution, report, reports, Rincon, soil, Desert Project, soil, development
AbstractVolume II of the Supplement to the Desert Project Soil Monograph is the second of a number of reports on soils in the Desert Project area. Volume II consists of two chapters, of which the first is a detailed study of a remnant of the Rincon surface and its soils. The Rincon surface is a remnant of one of the oldest basin landscapes in North America, and probably dates from late Pliocene time or earlier. The remnant consists of an ancient basin floor and an adjacent alluvial-fan piedmont, preserved in a bedrock-defended area 600 feet above the Rio Grande flood plain. Chapter 2 focuses on clay mineralogy of the Desert Project and the Rincon study area. It describes clay mineralogy as a function of age, parent material, and depth. It also compiles the narrative clay mineralogy information produced during the period from 1957 to 1972.
Alternate TitleSupplement to the Desert Project Soil Monograph, Volume II - Soils and landscapes of a desert region astride the Rio Grande Valley near Las Cruces, New Mexico