Analysis of habitats of two woodrats in southern New Mexico

TitleAnalysis of habitats of two woodrats in southern New Mexico
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1973
AuthorsWright ME
JournalJournal of Mammalogy
Date Published1973
Call Number00604
Keywordsarticle, articles, journal, journals, Neotoma,habitat, rodent, woodrat, rodent,Neotoma
AbstractThe white-throated woodrat, Neotoma albigula albigula Hartley, and the southern plains woodrat, Neotoma micropus canescens J.A. Allen, have sympatric ranges in New Mexico and Texas (Hall and Kelson, 1959). However, the literature on the two species indicates general habitat segregation, both in New Mexico and in Texas.... Present habitat distribution of albigula and micropus in the Mesilla Valley of southern New Mexico based on locality data from specimens at New Mexico State University, is not as distinctively separate as is indicated by the literature. Therefore, this study was undertaken to determine the current distribution and density of the two species of Neotoma relative to variations in vegetation and soil; special attention was given to the question of degree of coexistence. Results are interpreted in light of documented changes in occurrence of the two species of Neotoma and of their habitats. Field work was conducted in the period of May 1964 to July 1965.