Data Information


To conduct research on the Jornada, submit a Notification of Research form. For details, go to

To request data from the Jornada, submit a Jornada Data Request Form to John Anderson (

Data management policies - the Jornada Basin LTER Information Management System provides protocol and services for data collection, verification, organization, archives, and distribution in accordance with recommendations and guidelines developed by the LTER Information Managers Committee (

Information Management - the Jornada Information Management System (JIMS) comprises four major components: the management of research data and formal data management protocols, the acquisition and management of spatial data, the provision of networking and computing services, and the people that support the system. JIMS is a multi-organization information management system that contains data and metadata holdings and ancillary information from the Jornada Basin LTER (JRN) and the USDA ARS Jornada Experimental Range (JER).

Information Management Goals - This page describes our efforts and goals to provide dynamic data discovery and access to Jornada Basin LTER (JRN) GIS, data sets, and metadata stored within the Jornada Information Management System (JIMS). These goals support LTER Network efforts to implement common, structured metadata across all LTER sites.